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Babahoyo; the city of the rivers. Its name is related to the native Babahuyu tribe which settled on the site where the present Barreiro Parish is located. At the time, it was also known as "Bodegas" (Storehouse) because of the large amounts of merchandise stored in the Customs and Royal storehouses, for further transportation to the rest of the coast or to the highlands. 

It is also known as the Capital Fluminense (Capital of the Rivers) because of its fluvial network which allowed the navigation of canoes powered with outboard motors for the daily transportation of people and products. 

The convergence of the San Pablo and the Caracol rivers form the Babahoyo river which flows into the Guayas river is the center of intense commercial activities and the point of convergence between the coast and the highlands. 

The House of Olmedo; west of the provincial capital on the right bank of the Babahoyo river, is the house of Jose Joaquin de Olmedo where he was inspired and wrote the epical verses of the Canto to Bolivar.  

The Cerro Cachari; this is a hill that has a very strange structure, its origin is still a mystery and holds the legend of The Enchanted Lady.  

Vinces; a lovely town with old and interesting wooden buildings which were once owned by rich cacao merchants. It used to be known as the little Parish because most of its inhabitants were the owners of large plantations who travelled constantly to Paris and educated their children there, bringing back with them the customs and the fashions of Paris. On October 12 of each year a rodeo competition takes place. This is a typical, very colorful festivity which attracts a great number of tourists.
(7k) Vinces 
 Places which receive many visitors are the Miraculous Cascade because of its medicinal waters, the Rio Cristal Recreational Center, which has pools with cristal clear water, cabins and sports grounds. Abras de Mantequilla has beautiful lakes suitable for Nautical competitions.  

Traditional Regattas;outboard motor competitions are realized yearly and are celebrated in the locality.  

The Barreiro Parish; paddle canoe regattas are realized where the participant stands on a sugar cane reed paddling with both hands.  

(7k) Catarama 
Catarama a homelike town, with pretty coastal landscapes, and its nearest poblation, Ricaurte, are united for a hanging bridge. 
Ventanas; a small town with very friendly people, pretty parks and excellent Ecuadorian food. (8k) Ventanas
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