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(7k) Welcome to Loja 

Loja, or also call "Sentinel of the South". A capital full of music, art and culture. Located in the valley of Cuxibamba between two rivers; the Zamora and the Malacatos.  

(7k) Vilcabamba Vilcabamba; famous for their waters springs that it are believed that delay life, since their inhabitants have an average of life of 100 years.
 Catamayo; well-known like La Toma, at 1232 meters of height, the biggest valley of Loja and one of the most fertile, for their great agricultural production and the cultivation of cane of sugar. It has many tourist places like; the Guayabal, the Boqueron, the Recreacional Center "Eliseo Aryan Carrión," etc.  

El Cisne; is located in the highest part of a cliff. Here the cult is developed to the Virgin of El Cisne or Virgin of Guadalupe but well-known like the brown Virgin.  

Saraguro; inhabitants dedicated to the craft, textiles and cattle raising. It has tourist places like; El Baño del Inca, Leona Dormida, etc.  (8k) Saraguro women
 Chaguarpamba; It has many rivers like; Pindo, Yaguanchi and Saraguallas.  

Cariamanga; famous for their parties of Corpus Cristi in June. It has tourist attractiveness like; Lucero river, the summit of Huaca, San Pedro, el Remolino, ect.  

Catacocha; located in a wide plateau that it give an appearance of a natural balcony. From there one could appreciate the Picaso hill, the valleys Almedral and Cosanga. 
 Puyango; with a height of 1150 meters. Here it is the Petrified forest, the Cave Santa, the Pampas of Chitoque and Guambana, the natural Baths of the Alamor river, the Sulfurous Waters of the Arenal, etc.  

Quilanga; located to 1900 meters of altitude, it's famous for their historical vestiges like the Mascaron del Inca, the Inca place, etc.  

Visit the Park National Podocarpus.  

The Tundo; it is the only Nogal forest in the Ecuador, where we could find bromelias and orchids. 

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