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(7k) Welcome to Cañar 

Azogues; a city that conserves old houses of balconies with high sill carved with wood. The Plaza Central where is the Cathedral of the city with their facade stone yellow "andesita". 

The temple of San Francisco; which is a treasure in america for its architecture and artistic pieces . It is built on a hill and in order to take it is necessary to go up 202 stone tiers. 

One of the places most visited in the county of Cañar are the Ruinas del Castillo Ingapirca. Place where the Incas' gods were adored. Is conformed by rooms, patios, cellars and bath. Its construction is formed by stones joined to each other perfectly.  (8k) Ingapirca
(8k) Ingapirca There is a museum where is a scale model of the ruins, textiles, archaeological pieces and etnographics, jewels, ceramic , belonged to the Cañaris culture.
 Biblian keeps the famous Sanctuary "Gruta de la Virgen del Rocío", constructed in the top of the Zhalao Rock. 

El Tambo has a church with important religious masterpieces . The Coyoctor Archaeological remains are in the area. 

Deleg is the oldest parish. The bell tower of its church was constructed during colonial times. 

Cojitambo hill; beautiful landscape with its pyramidal shaped hill.  (12k) Llama
 Culebrillas lagoon; has an impressive countryside, habitat of the wild duck. 

Yanayacu spa; its healthy waters attract tourists. 

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