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Guaranda is the capital of the provinceand the smallest of the provincial capital cities in the Ecuadorean highlands. It has many attractions, for example: the Cacique Guarango Monument. There is a mirador form where, on a clear day, you can see the splendid Chimborazo together with a general panoramic view of the city. The History Museum is famous for its carnaval and festivals. (9k) Guaranda city
(6k) Chimborazo Guaranda is also know as the City of the Seven Hills because it is surrounded by the following beautiful hills: San Jacinto, Loma Guaranda, San Bartolo, Cruz Loma, Tililac, Talalac y El Mirador. It is a city full of museums and agricultural wealth.
 Las Dos Bocas Puddle is located in Echeandia Parish and has a beautiful natural pool formed by Las Piedras River. The river basin is surrounded by big rocks, where the the river water flowing is reduced. 

Los Caseiches is located in Veintimilla Parish. Its major attraction is a journey by the Gallorumi or Taurihuaycu rivers. 

Bosque de los Arrayanes is located in San Pablo de Atenas Parish. The forest presents no evidence of recent felling of trees, but it was certainly altered in the past. 

Echeandia is the producer of the tempting "Blue Bird" liquor, done with sugar cane juice, fruits, anise and other seasonings. 

Simiatug at 60.3 Km, from Guaranda City, has poetic and picturesque landscapes with the majestic and imposing presence of hill and ranges of mountains form with name Simiatug or Shimiatung "Wolf Mouth" derives. 

Camino del Rey Range (in the road to Kelly); located in San Miguel Canton, with a native flora and fauna already altered by the agricultural and cattle raising activities. (6k) Camino del Rey
 Zumbi Hill: Ancient natives worshipped the snow-capped Chimborazo from this hill. 

The Huayco Santuary: 9.4 Km from Chimbo city. This is a full-of-faith town. Peregrimages to the Santuary of Virgen Maria Natividad del Huayco are permanent. 

Cashca Totoras is located in Santiago Parish. This is an important woody redoubt for andean vegetation

Tigua Caves; located in Salinas Parish. These two huge paralled rocky blocks extend from north to south and aare divided by a small valley. 

Las Conchas Artificial Lagoon; 10 Km. from Guaranda city, consists of two natural lagoons, Patacocha and Puricocha. Rowing can be practiced here. It is a place embellished with beautiful gardens. 

Santiago, 13.2 Km. from Guaranda, is known thanks to its population religiousness, especially during the festival of Lord of the Health. 

Chimbo is 12 Km. from Guaranda city. Chimbo's architectural design combines the colonial style with its owm and unique characteristics. 

The Cochabamba Mirador is 12.4 Km. from Guaranda city. Landscapes with beautiful evenings cavered by areddish sun and clounds of varied and intense colours can be admired. 

San Jose de Chimbo keeps the Sanctuary of Virgen del Guayco, where Marian paitings and stained-glass windows are displayed. 

In Salinas cheese as well as wool waven fabrics are the products of the zone. The iodised salt pits found in the area were, according to legends, already exploited by the Incas. 

(8k) The Carihuairazo Also you can visit El Indio Guaranda, La Gruta de Lourdes, San Vicente, The Wildlife Reserve, El Camino Real, El Camino de las Bodegas, The Carihuairazo, etc.
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