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(4k) Montañita



Salinas.- Is a totally urbanized beach, being the first beach of the country, and a place where important beauty contest take place.Located at 1 hour and 40 minutes of Guayaquil. A point that you should not let to visit the Chocolatera, located in the narrow lace edging, constitutes the second geographical point of South America, where two marine currents (Humbolt and El Niño) encounters and produce a clash of waves against the rocks, which causes an unique show. Salinas offers to the national and foreigner tourist all the facilities of lodging, recreation and fun.

Punta Carnero.- It is an open beach with marked inclination for the sector of cliff toward the south end. It is located at the west of Santa Elena.

General Villamil (Playas): Located at 64 km from Guayaquil, it is a open beach with a slight constant curve with Northeast direction. In this direction are hills and zones of cliffs as well as old urban density.

Beach of Ballenita.- It is a beach half closed with sections of discharge and low inclination. It is located in the South-Southwest in form of bay and is a bath with a great urbanized part.

Beach of Data-Posorja: It is a very picturesque beach, being its main characteristic the presence of hundred of gulls that fly around the fishing ships that are on the bank.

Beach of Montañita: Located in the town of Manglaralto at 59 Km from Santa Elena, the beach is wide and ideal for surfing competitions.

Beach of Punta Blanca: The beaches are developed in four sectors due to the presence of rocks are half closed in form of bay lightly inclined. This beach is completely urbanized.

Playa Rosada: To the North of thick tip and lowering the hills of big Engamel, the direction of the beach goes from North to Northeast, the beaches have a great inclination, favorable for diving.Its name is due to the tonality of the minerals reflection.

Ayange.- Simply a paradise of beach; in form of a shell, with the water totally transparent.

Beach of Capaes: It is a beach completely urbanized with the exception of a "parallón" of mountain range. In the beach is a rocky sector of little depth with formation of algae in their surface. The form of the beach is of a Bay half closed with slope.

Olon beach: It is a beach of soft decline and significant width and extension. The direction of the beach is South Southeast where is formed a valley in the river Mancay , for there appear the mountain range upon leaving from the sea.

Beach of the Curia: It is an open and clean beach, to the front of the mountain range in parallel to the line of the beach with bushes creating a marine landscape incomparable.

Beach of San José: This beach is straight, with South-Southeast direction, beach of soft decline, old width, clear sand and end, without rocky zone. The beginning of a natural attractiveness of our beaches that are expressed with old in accordance intensity advances toward the south.









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