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Esmeraldas is a magic place. There are a great number of beaches in this province which attract tourists. Among the most important are: 
Muisne is one of the widest beaches of Ecuador. It attracts people both from the highlands and from coastal regions of Ecuador as well as Colombians who come either on regular flights or driving their cars. 
(7k) Panoramic View of Esmeraldas 
 The Tonguiche, Same, Súa, Castelnovo, Tonsupa, and Las Palmas are at no more than a five minutes away from the city.  


Atacames is specially worth mentioning, it is said that the paltrees grow in the sand and reach all the way to the brim of the sea. Today Atacames is a town divided by a highway. On one side you have churches, the offices of the telephone company, markets, drugstores, gas stations, etc., and on the other side the bustling activity in hotels, restaurants, cabins, refreshment stands, bars, discos; the choice is yours.  
(7k) Dusk on the Beach of Esmeraldas Others tourists sites worth visiting and admiring are: The commercial Prot, the Balao Petroleum Port, the Panecillo, Santa Cruz, the Esmeraldas River and its beautiful delta, the Oil Refinery.  

Outside of the capital the speleologists can visit the Cueva del Duende in Tazone, the Union parish of Atacames: the Cueva de la Laguna at Herrera, Quinindé Canton. 


For the scientists, the Wolf Punta Gorda; the effects of marine erosion al Punta Galera; the natural channels between Borbón and San Lorenzo; the Cayapas Cotacachi Ecological Reserve xx, the tribe the Chachis,the only natives of the Ecuadorean coast, ect.  


The vernacular music is also a tourist attraction, it is composed of the marimba, drums, "guasa", "cununos" and maracas all of which are accompanied by dancing and songs such as the "caderona" , "torbellinos" , "chigualos" , "arullos" , etc.  


The province is famous for its beaches, of exhuberant beauty, which extend for dozens of kilometers. Visit the archeological site of Tolita, the craddle of one of the most ancient cultures of Ecuador and the numerous little fishing villages along the coast.  


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